September News

Welcome Australian betting fans, September is getting started to be a massive month for sports lovers across the country. Bookmakers are working overtime to get generous betting deals out to entice you sports nutters in for some competitive bonus offers , as well as competitive odds compared with other bookmakers.

Australian Rules Football fans have an exciting month with the AFL season nearly over, with the Grand Final just weeks away. It’s always a favourite game of the year for betting action, and adding a bit more excitement to viewing the match, especially for those in Victoria.

Soccer (Football) matches  are running strong, with European Leagues going and Australia’s own A-League giving us a lot of local offers from bookies for these games. Premiere League is back and some nailbiting times to come for Man United and Chelsea’s loyal followers

There is heaps going on at Randwick right now for those of you who follow Horse Racing, and of course the Golden Rose at Rosehill race course needs no mentioning.

I won’t mention the cricket, it’s still a bit of a sore point for fans due to the Ashes test match results, but summer is coming soon. Plenty of opportunity for Australia to make good against England, or a quick morale boost by going against New Zealand’s team for some easy wickets. At least we still have Shane Warne on Instagram to keep a smile on our face.

As you can see it’s an action packed month, with plenty of betting opportunities and large sign up free bets and other offers made available to you all. So are you going to get out there are have a go this month? Make the most of our  expertise, check out the offers we’ve found for you now, and let us know how you go.

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