Free Bets & Australian laws

There are “free bet” offers and there are many other benefits, bonuses and specials provided by bookmakers, to new accounts and existing ones. Free bets are often provided to induce you to sign up with a given bookmaker. The online betting world is still a somewhat fresh idea in Australia, and although government regulation has opened up a lot of previous restrictions and allowing the scene to mature, there are still rules and laws enforced to protect users like you. We see this as mostly a good thing, such prohibitions are intended to protect consumers, but designed to restrict people opening up an account or being misled, and ensure only legitimate offers are made. At the end of the day we want you to be advertised to honestly and fairly, whilst receiving the biggest possible bonus amounts, and greater chance of you enjoying such services.

Limitations by state and territory

Certain states prevent online bookies from luring in new customers with free bet offers. There are certain rules some states have about inducing people to sign up for services when provided something for free. These rules get much less restrictive if you are already an account holder, and the laws only apply to those without accounts already, in an effort to stamp out potentially unfair inducement or misleading behaviour, which does not apply at all to most big Australian bookmakers online. If you’re already an account holder with these bookies, once you’ve signed up you are welcome to join many more promotions and specials that are frequently offered to their users.

The rules are state governed, and whether or not you are eligible for “free bets” will depend on your particular state and the limitations they apply. Bookmakers usually auto detect this for you, so not to worry, you don’t need to be a legal genius, it should be taken care of for you. Even if you’re unfortunately not eligible, you will likely be eligible for many other generous offers, with more to come once you’re signed up. These companies are keen to keep you as a happy ongoing customer, and they are also obligated to remain in line with the law.

If in any doubt, whether in Victoria, NSW, QLD, Tas, SA, WA, NT or ACT, contact your relevant state/territory gaming authority or body, they should be able to clear up any concerns you may have, outline their specific rules, and provide the most up to date information.

So remember there are “free bets”, which most people can utilise, but some cant, but regardless of which state you’re in there are much more than sign up offers to keep you loyal. To find out more, or to find out other deals and bonuses you might be eligible for, read our sections on bookmaker’s offers and how best to take advantage in your given situation.

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